Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrifty Thursday ... Say Whaaaaaat!

Dear Readers - 

A new guest installment has been created, "Thrifty Thursday...Say Whaaaaaat!" penned by my one and only mom. For those of you that know my mom personally and are entertained by her Facebook updates from the thrift store, I know you'll be excited to read these. Be patient as I'm sure you'll recognize the first few. And without further ado: 

I have been asked by my daughter the artist and blogster to share with you some of my amazing thrift store finds.  I am relatively new to the whole "thrifting" world and I still have a lot to learn.  I have found that I am quite entertained by the idea of scavenging for treasures and often coming upon "things" that are truly one of a kind!  In fact, I believe my family and friends are living through my thrifting experiences and find themselves excitedly waiting for the next great find.  It seems whenever Jackie and I chat, she's quick to ask; "Did you find anything good at the thrift store today Mom?"  So in response to the great demand, I am accepting her invitation to post on her blog.  Don't worry, I won't bore you with the awesome beautiful treasures I find.  Nope, instead I will share the incredible, strange and often bizarre goodies I stumble upon as I'm digging for the good stuff.  It will be a weekly segment under the title "Thrifty Thursday ... Say Whaaaaaat!

Todays entry is a painting that left me speechless and quite frankly curious of the artist who painted it.  WHO IS THIS CHILD and what's up with the hair???  Do they really expect someone to buy this and if so, who?


  1. How beautiful....that is what Kyla`s hair looks like...all the.time. already liking forward to next week's find

  2. What a bute! Ouch, it's no wonder she has been orphaned.