Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recapping the Second Trimester

So this is coming obviously late - but I still wanted to document the second trimester as my lack of sleep is already causing many of my pregnancy memories to fade!

Oh my gosh look at my TINY little belly. And guess what else happened during week 14? I got my MOM CUT! Ladies, you totally know what I am talking about. I had the sudden urge to just chop it all off, I think I said "the baby is just going to pull it all out anyway." But at the same time, I wasn't being entirely practical. I opted for some side bangs that required serious maintenance. Yeah, because if I figure out my hair care routine now it will be a breeze to manage when the baby is here. HA. If you all could only see my locks right now as I'm writing this and the little peanut has been out in the world for 5 months!

I won't have captions really for the rest of these, but wow is it crazy and incredible to look back at these pictures. Little L (what I'm going to call her from now on because so many other bloggers make this look like the cool and SAFE thing to do. Let's face it she's plastered all over facebook and instagram, me not typing her name isn't going to help anything, but I kind of like it - it's like my own Gossip Girl feed with her own little code letter) Ok that was such a serious stream of conscious run on thought I don't even remember what I was typing before. Oh - right, Little L was growing so fast in there!!!

So - as you can tell my haircut went south REAL fast. That's why week 15 is smaller than the others. Looks like a mangly little mess. But I pull myself back together around week 16 and finally bought a pair of maternity leggings as you can't really tell here but cramming my legs into my old tights was like trying to get sausage back in its casing. Yuck, gross reference, but totally true and impossible. Also totally true that I am wearing those maternity leggings right now and will probably continue to the rest of my life. The way they hug my belly is just so comforting. HA, if only I was kidding. And then we get to week 17 the week when my non-maternity shirts started looking a little strange and I totally gave up on my hair cut - cute the remaining second trimester pictures with a headwrap. Cheetah no less. I have a feeling I'll look back on these in twenty years and laugh, or maybe I'm looking back right now and laughing. <-- truth.

Week 18 - my favorite picture. My belly looks so tiny but starting to get round and I feel like it finally popped this week. Oh, and yes I had been feeling little L moving in there since week 13, can you believe it! She was a pretty constant mover and I loved that. I filled up at least two iphones worth of storage taking videos of my stomach waiting for her to move. No lie, I had to get a new phone and my first bout of pregnancy rage came out while doing so - but that's another story and actually really not a time worth dwelling on.  If you're wondering where pictures from week 19, 20 and 21 are...well I felt like a big blob and just didn't take pictures. Regretting it now? Kind of - but I still remember that feeling. I actually understood why they say "couch potato." I got to the point where I could describe myself as nothing other than an imobile potato just laying on the couch. And not even a sweet potoato, a plain one. Another post will follow this one about the gender reveal during week 20 & 21 - my favorite FAVORITE part of the whole pregnancy. 
I didn't realize it but my feet were starting to grow - starting from this point forward these were the only shoes that fit and I actually went on ebay and desperately bought another pair of uggs a size up. You know I was desperate if I bought them used (listen used clothes are totally fine, but shoes - oh boy.) Especially UGGS! They are just warm sweaty sweaters for your feet you can't wash. And me and some girl on ebay have that connection now.  Also, you will notice that I have completely given up on the bangs, they are clipped up. And yes, that is where they remain today.

And last but not least, my favorite pictures - week 26. Our matching Jesus Saves Bro shirts from Riley Clay Designs. 
Because Jesus does save, bro. :*