Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Craft Fair Nightmares, 30 Days & Counting

I think I have more nightmares about my first craft fair than anything else going on right now.

What if there are craft-fair bullies who tell me my stuff looks like a 5 year old made it?

What if people come to look at my table and then point and laugh at me?

What if I don't sell a single thing and instead just buy a bunch of things from other people and come back in debt?


This is my biggest question right now, which my craft-mentor mother and I disagree about: If you're walking around a craft show, do you want the different artists and vendors to engage you in small talk as you approach and browse, or just let you browse peacefully without any pressure. (You can tell my stance from the way I worded this.)

This coming from the girl who really hated trick or treating because I didn't want to ask for Candy and also the girl who would have an anxiety attack when the school fundraisers went around and I'd just hope that my mom would buy the minimum number of orders herself and it would all be over. ;)

Let me know what you think!


  1. I think there is a happy medium. Small talk and browsing is good. Don't want to be a snobby artist nor a pushy one. Have fun! Wish I could visit your table! :)

    1. Thanks Sara I wish you could too! We'll see how this one goes, maybe there will be more - who knows! If this one goes well, it was really reasonable to register and we'll have to get a few people to do it together next year!

  2. I'm with you - let me browse in peace! And I also felt rude asking for candy...

    1. Haha! Glad I'm not alone on that front, getting me to say "Trick-or-treat" was apparently quite difficult and I've never lost that...I remember it was a huge deal when I finally got the confidence to call and order a delivery pizza, oh man.