Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bridal Shower Video Game

Because a few of you asked to see all of the videos, I figured this was an easy place to post all of the videos and be able to safely keep them forever! Below are all of the questions/answers from the Bridal Shower game:

Question # 1
This is one of my favorite answers...Gnocchi is a dense Italian potato/pasta noodle. ^^^ I obviously didn't pick this as my answer because I didn't think he'd be able to say it...HA. I said cheese, potatoes, mashed potatoes, panda embarrassing.

Question #2
For this answer I said Salmon out of spite. I know Andrew loves pancakes, he loves them so much we could eat them every day three times a day. When we first started dating I went along with this weird obsession, but now...when someone is running late and you decide its time to whip up some chocolate chip pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse. NO SIR. I want to throw all pancakes out the window. Ironically, I have a pack of frozen pancakes in my purse right now...which reminds me I need to put those in the freezer. Ok, I guess that ends this conversation about my "hate" of pancakes....

ALSO, the fact that he actually ate coffee in this video makes me laugh every time I think about he. Afterwards he confessed that he had to tape this video three times and therefore ate all of the coffee packets in his hotel. I'm sure that was stuck all in his teeth for days...this is the best example I have to date of "love makes you do crazy things." 

Question #3
I laughed at this one..."ability to stay calm in all situations" except when a computer breaks, or something is broken, or something is spilled, or the trash bag falls into the trashcan...haha. My answer was "I hope he doesn't say his humor....but I'll go with his humor as my answer." So that was my first question right! We often communicate in noises, really sarcastic dry jokes or just weird looks, and his sense of humor has definitely rubbed off on me. For the better? Not sure...

Question #4

 I didn't answer this one because I was too shy, the fact that twenty people were looking at me and I was already starting to burst out in hives because I was anxious...did NOT allow me to even think about a serious answer for this question. I mumbled out "I'm nice." I think....

Break #1

Question #5

I was so surprised he said this because we all know that Phil Dunfy from Modern Family is SUPER WEIRD and Claire is SUPER COOL. And yes, I may or may not have compared us to them on multiple occasions, but I said Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother and after Andrew and I talked about the videos after the shower he definitely agreed that was the best answer, so I count that as a partial point...seeing as I'm not doing so well on these.

Question #6
This is..BY FAR..the most embarrassing moment of my life. It was embarrassing at the shower AND IT IS EMBARRASSING AS I AM WATCHING IT NOW. Oh well, obviously not enough to not post it. So when he re-appeared on the screen and popped his little  head around the corner I knew something bad was coming. When my sister asked me this question I immediately got the hives and starting my internal battle..."he wouldn't say it...oh he way...yes way....well I am comfortable with these people...NO YOU ARE NOT...." WELL, the festivity of the event got the best of me and I said it. I said it and then when I realized that he DIDN'T SAY IT I freaked out. But then, his little head re-appeared and he SAID IT! So now, ladies and gentlemen we all know my gross little joke I always annoy Andrew with. And I stopped doing it since this video.



Question #7
This was a tear-jerker, immediately after he just outed me in front of everyone for picking my nose. Up until the point where he burps on screen, but let me tell you - he knew how to play the audience. He had every person in that room clinging to his every word and crying and laughing, often at the same time, and then...that burp just sealed the deal. Everyone, from my aunts and his grandmother to my bridesmaids and dear friends just lost it. I couldn't believe it. I watch it now and still laugh. He must have been going crazy all alone in that hotel in Alaska at approximately 4am. I am definitely going to keep this and show it to our kids one day, after I have definitely taught them that picking your nose and burping are clearly not polite and/or acceptable behaviors...

Question #8

This was a really sweet answer, and one I got right. WAHOO FINALLY! But it's an important one so I get 5 points for this one. Now look I'm at 6.5 out of 8. Perfect wife material. I seriously contemplating answering this question as "make me pancakes every morning...." I'm sure that's what he really wanted to say. ;)

Question #9

This question made me laugh. Within two seconds I answered "the self-check out line at Harris Teeter." I am not lying that is the most frustrated we have gotten with eachother in the past year. After I reminded him of this in the car on the way home he was upset he didn't pick this as the answer. (In case anyone is following the points I get another half for this one... 7.5 out of 9.) His answer was kind of true...but thing is...I never thought those were "fights" I thought I was just suggesting we hang out in a tiny bit of a pressure filled situation...nothing wrong with that right? ha....ha....awkward silence as Andrew reads this at work one day three months from now when he finds out I posted this! :) 

Break #2

Question #10

The whole "forgetting your sister thing" went over really well....Especially because he has two, they were both at the shower - and he only mentioned one. HA. For this question I said Iceland. Another half of a point for me! Fiji was $20,000 after we planned our trip with adventures included, based on principle I can never go to this magical Turtle Island that Brittany Spears honeymooned at.
Question #11

I would NEVER tell all of my closest female friends that Andrew loves Gossip Girl. I can't believe he thought I would out him. I said we love watching TV together, and named some other gender neutral shows like Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, etc. But I was not going to touch our secret tradition of two Gossip Girl episodes a night. Oh man.

Question #12

This question made me realize how much of our college years we spent watching TV. Blockbusters starting going out of business when we were Juniors in college and we used to drive miles and miles to find one and then buy all of their TV series DVDs for $5 or less. Those look stellar on our DVD rack in the new apartment.....sigh.

Question #13

I thought this question was funny, I immediately thought "shoot...what is our favorite thing to do together?" and felt bad that some specific activity didn't pop right into my mind so I was anxious as to what he would say. I said sitting around watching TV and being lazy...he went ahead and said cuddling....hahaha....oh man.

Question #14

At first I thought for sure he would say he was my favorite hockey player...but this question is too obvious for both of us to get wrong. Alexander Semin...of course. Might I add he just got traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, and I am first on the wait-list to purchase his jersey as soon as it arrives in stores.
Question #14 Part Two.

I'm pretty speechless about this one, because that is exactly how I said Semin's name when I answered the first question.......... Also, while we are on the subject of Semin, let me just include my favorite (of many) Semin videos: It is called "Semin Thinks."

Last Question # 15

Like I mentioned earlier, Andrew totally knew how to play the audience. Obviously no one turned around or covered their ears but we did all laugh the entire time, and he ended on a really sweet note. :)

My sister planned this game and I loved it so much! I especially love that I get to keep these forever. I believe there are videos of my responses out there someone, but I really sincerely hope that they never surface...

Anyway, I definitely recommend this game to anyone and everyone! I'd especially recommend that you have whoever is video-taping their responses record them in locations that mean something to the person. I thought it was really cool that these were all recorded in Alaska. :) Thanks Steph & Andrew!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fork Name Cards

When it came to figuring out name cards and seating assignments I had seen a million different options that I liked. What the decision came down to was the space and where to put the seating chard. We found a large garden trellis at Homegoods one day and liked the pattern so we purchased it. After a bit of thinking we decided it would be great to use to hang all of our seating assignments. We don't have much space at the barn and this could prop up against the wall while the guests are outside at the cocktail hour.  Below is a picture of the garden trellis, we put very small picture frames for each letter of the alphabet:

For the name cards, we still didn't know what to do except now we knew they needed to be able to hang. I saw a neat idea where a fork was bent to look like an easel somewhere on the internet, I can't remember where:
 This inspired me to do something with a fork since the individual prongs seemed to be bent easily and I liked the idea of a fork as a place setting for dinner. After breaking a good number of forks and making some weird shapes we curled back the prongs with a pair of small pliers. We still couldn't figure out how to get the fork on the trellis. We debated string, paper clips, magnets, etc and finally ended up bending the fork in half.

The fork can now hang over the metal in the garden trellis under the appropriate letter.

In order to put the names on, I bought a paper punch at Michael's in a square shape to put in between the prongs of the fork. Of course the table numbers are missing, but I haven't figured those out yet!

This hardly took any time, but it did take a little muscle to bend certain forks. My mom and I bought all of these forks at the thrift store and they came in bags of 4 or 5. Out of every bag we could usually bend about 3 or 4. Some were just too thick to bend the prongs or the entire fork in half. You'll easily be able to tell when you start to bend the fork if it will work or not, don't force it - the easy ones will bend with hardly any pressure!