Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Painted Lamp with Hot Glue

It has taken me a month or so to post this, but this is one of my favorite recent DIY projects. All you need is an old lamp, a paint sample and a hot glue gun. Admittedly, I was only about 10% sure this project would be successful, which made it even better when it was! 

I picked up a paint sample at Lowe's and it is more than enough paint to cover the lamp. 

I painted the lamp, two coats of this color.

Then, the tricky part, I used my hot glue gun to draw a design all over the lamp. I started pretty complicated here and it takes some practice. Something abstract without straight lines is best as it's practically impossible to get your glue gun to draw straight lines. This has lots of swirls and flowers.

Once you're done covering it with your hot glue, take time with tweezers to remove all of the small strings of glue that probably landed everywhere while you were designing the pattern. If you don't remove them, they get all tangled in your paintbrush and it looks like a mess. So, it's worth it take the time to pick all of them off and then re-paint over the hot glue. I used two coats here. 


  1. that looks really cool and I love how you updated the bloggity blog

  2. Love this lamp and also this table. Where did you get it? Going to make this one if my next projects! :) we misd you in sunday school. Emma

    1. I miss Sunday School :(.

      I got this table at Sweet Clover Barn, they have a rustic/refurbished sale once a month out in Frederick, MD. I LOVED the barn/set-up and it was all pretty reasonably priced as well which was surprising as a lot of things in the DC area aren't. You should try to go one weekend, if not to purchase just to walk around!