Friday, June 7, 2013

Maryland Barn Wedding Venues

I realized that when looking for a wedding venue online, and specifically a barn, it takes a lot of effort to find pictures of these rustic barns that often aren't even advertised as wedding venues. I narrowed down my choices by searching photographers' blogs and looking at their photos from different wedding venues. It also gave me an idea of what photographers are out there, and ones that are familiar with the venue!

Below you'll find a list of the barns I have come across in Maryland that you can rent for a wedding. Underneath the different barn venues there are links to different photographers' posts with pictures of that particular venue (and some wedding planning sites). Hope this is helpful!

This is still a work in progress and I'll continue to update it with information once I have it :) Feel free to comment other pictures/places and I'll add them in, or make corrections if necessary.

Westminster, Maryland: Union Mills Homestead
Occupancy: 120 inside, additional if tents rented
Contact: Jane Sewell 410-848-2288
Price: ~$750 for venue for the weekend

St. Leonard, Maryland: Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum
Occupancy: up to 600 based on their brochure!
Contact: 410-586-8501 or
Price: ~$350-$1400 for venue rental depending on number of guests and extra hours
Emily Chastain Photography
David Ng Photography

Howard County, Maryland: Howard County Conservancy
Occupancy: ~130 plus a variety of gardens and outside spaces
Contact: 410.465.8877
Price: $2400 for a weekend day (7 hours)
Dani Leigh Photography
Lisa Boggs Photography 
JPB Designs
Procopio Photography 
Jeanne Sun Photography 

Williamsport, Maryland: The Barn at Springfield Farm
Occupancy: 200
Contact: or 201-223-7229
Price: unknown
Jessica Fike Photography 
Aesthetic Life Studio

Rising Sun, Maryland: Spring Hill Manor
Occupancy: 210
Contact: 410-658-3815 or
Price: unknown
Kevin Quinlan Photography 
Lauren Fair Photography 
Kat Forder Photography

Swanton, Maryland: North Glade Inn Bed & Breakfast
Occupancy: 150
Contact: Fred & Tammy 1-877-433-6911
Price: unknown
Marvelous Things Photography 

Hollywood, Maryland: The Barn at Sotterley Plantation
Occupancy: 120
Contact: phone 301-373-2280 or         
Price: $850-$2400 depending on the rental package
Stacey Windsor Photography 
Theresa Choi Photography 
Jessica Lavoie Photography 

White Marsh, Maryland: Richardson Farms
Occupancy: unknown
Contact: 410-335-5900
Price: unknown
Sarah Culver Photography 
Natalie Franke Photography 
DBryant Photography

Elkton, Maryland: The Tea Barn
Occupancy: 125
Contact: 410-398-1246
Price: $300 for venue
Emily Troutman Photography 
Luis Guanzon Photography/BeMoreMedia

*ADDED 12/9/2014
Middletown, Maryland: Three Streams Farm
 Occupancy: 100
Contact: Jodi at
Price: $1,500 for three day rental
None yet!