Monday, July 30, 2012

Bridal Shower

This post isn't anything I crafted or designed, but all the works of my lovely sister & mom. (Of course with lots of helps from bridesmaids and friends too!) Because I love to craft I really appreciate how much time, effort, and love are put into homemade events. I was completely overwhelmed by all of the details at this shower - it was such an incredible afternoon! :)

When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was the garland made out of doilies. We had leftover from making Paper Mache Letters and they made an adorable garland! All it was made out of was twine with doilies folded in half and glued. It was held in the ceiling with clear push pins. (Which work on the kind of ceiling we have.)

Next was the guestbook. Normally I'm not a fan of guestbooks because I don't think you'll look at them again - and I think my mom and sister knew that which is why they came up with this super cute idea:


My sister hand carved out stamps in the shapes of different birds and each girl stamped a bird onto the canvas my mom had painted. This is what the finished product looked like:


The food is next! So many people helped and contributed and I was so honored to see plates and plates of gorgeous appetizers. (I am working on finding the recipes to link each photo to!)

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Miniature Banana Parfaits
Pie Pops
Southwest Eggrolls
And of course, all of the little details. Like the framed engagement picture and the little white bicycle below:

The mantle of the fireplace was decorated with a picture my mom painted me for our new apartment, hanging miniature lanterns, and a banner made of grey paint samples from the Bridesmaid Gifts. 

They also spent hours making paper flowers to make a garland for around the windows. My sister created a pattern and then they cut out each individual flower and layered them together:
Below the paper flowers you can also see the fabric strips they tied together to make a garland as well.

One of my favorite items to keep were a set of pillows my mom made. She bought two basic ivory pillows and used grey burlap and black paint to create the Mr. and Mrs.  She then pinned the burlap to the pillows with giant close-pins so I can keep them on or have the plain pillows in the future.

The last part is the game! Now, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous that we'd have to play some silly revealing game - but I knew my sister knows me really well. I was so surprised and really enjoyed the game she put together for everyone.  She came up with abut 15 questions and emailed them all to my fiance asking for video responses to the questions. He was traveling in Alaska at the time so it made the videos even more cool. Some were in his brightly lit hotel room at 4:00am East Coast time, others were on a mountain or just outside. They then video-taped my responses to the questions so I will have everything forever. 

Below is one of my favorite responses, I'm not putting some of my other favorites on because they reveal too many secrets!! Those of you who were in attendance know what I am talking about.....maybe soon I will post the rest depending on if people ask for them!

Here is video response for Question #2 What is my favorite food? (It should shed a little light onto why this blog is titled what it is and why we have three different pancake griddles on our wedding registry....sigh.....)

I had such a great time and am so glad to be surrounded by all of these gracious people who spend so much time helping to make this day so special!


  1. I love every bit of this post. I love how loved you are by so many and all of the beautiful details put into your shower (sniff, sniff so sad I had to miss it) and I officially love Andrew. Pancakes!and Coffee grounds - I may have snort laughed while watching it! bwhahaha. Keep on blogging. Love you!

  2. Here's the recipe of the Antipasto Squares I made for the shower:

    I just used black forest ham instead of boiled ham.

  3. That was a great day! And I love Andrew too, Sara--what a keeper! Love the blog--great pics! Xoxo