Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Engagement Story

Because this blog was inspired by my engagement and wedding crafting (and my future Sister-in-law whose blog makes me laugh out loud every post) I am going to recap our engagement so my two followers can read it, but more so I can have it later when I'm old and my Clinque makeup stops working it's magic.
Erynne (Andrew's sister) texted me that night and asked if we wanted to go to Yellowfin for dinner at 6:30 because her in-laws were in town and the whole family wanted to have a big dinner. So Andrew and I said of course, we love Yellowfin. It was our first date and I had always kind of hoped he would propose there, but Erynne's in-laws were in town and their family likes to go to Yellowfin. 

On Friday night, March 16th 2012 Andrew came over to my parents house to visit me but he was really sick, so instead of going back to DC he decided to go back to his house in Annapolis. I thought it was bad food because we aren't that great of cooks but it turns out it just MAY have been the nerves. The next morning I sat on my deck alone waiting for about four hours for him to finally say he was ready to come over. Normally we go to the Eastern Market to get crepes and watch approximately 5 too many TV episodes on Netflix, so I was really at a loss for what to do with myself as I sat alone enjoying the nice day.  After I finally got weird enough, Steph took me to Target to get me out of the house. Side-note, we all know Target is a terrible place to go when bored because no matter what you end up walking out spending $60, on what you ask? The end of the clearance aisles? A new pair of their famous cheap flats...not cheap if you buy them in every color. ANYWAY, unknowingly to me (because he was texting me the whole time) he was actually meeting my parents at Einstein's bagels, (their favorite place in the whole world) to ask them for their permission to marry me. 

So Sunday came and we woke up and went to church. Funny thing was he insisted on bringing his north face coat. The super thick winter one with a hood. Yeah weird, we were late though so I didn't bother saying "You're weird" more than 6 or 7 times. After church we talked to people for awhile and then came home and hung out at my house until it was time to go to Yellowfin. I was getting super anxious because I had been sitting around the house all day (and yesterday waiting for him to "feel better") so I ramble off a million options of things we could do, none of which included being calm and watching television. He suggests we go mini-golfing, much to my surprise!!!  So Stephanie (my sister) Andrew and I pack into the car and drive away. I had pleaded with my parents to go with us, why? I'm not sure - because every 23 year old secretly wishes they could get a hole in one and finally earn back all of the embarrassment they suffered through their childhood always coming in last? No.... So, who comes rolling around the corner into the mini-golf parking lot? No one but Barb and Joe Johnson themselves! The whole event was pretty funny...and I found out my parents and Steph knew he was going to ask me that evening so Stephanie, little jokester she is, kept saying all these sly jokes, "you know what movie I loved but haven't seen in awhile? the proposal." And I had no idea!!! AND when we were golfing my dad had a really good shot and andrew went and hit his ball out of the way, and I said "oh wow that's symbolic" as a joke, but everyone laughed too hard......May I also add that I did get a hole in one. I'm not lying. 
After mini-golfing and three agonizingly long minutes of the end of the Michigan State basketball game, I convinced him to go early and to walk around Nordstrom Rack. In the car on the way over I thought something might have been going down because Yellowfin is the place we had our first date and all of our anniversary dinners - but it is also one of his parents favorite places too. So I was texting Erynne telling her that I wanted her to meet me at Nordstrom's but she said that they were all on their way back from the aquarium and would have to meet us at Yellowfin. I also asked if Ian's parents were coming and she said yes. I told Andrew that and he acted all mad like "oh really?? that wasn't part of the plan I thought it was just going to be a nice dinner with my parents and Erynne and Ian." So that made me really believe that he wasn't going to ask me because he promised he would never ask me in front of his family. So then I was like oh ok well I don't think he is going to. But his hands were all clammy. I commented on that. Clammy hands are weird. 

Evidence of Erynne's lies are below...

Then we got to Nordstrom's rack and bought Stephanie some expensive shampoo for her birthday and apparently while I was looking at clothes he called Ian and asked if he was there. Ian was planning to hide and take pictures. So then at 6:10 we left and went to Yellowfin. I asked him if it would be ok if we got there that early and he was like, yeah its fine we can just go walk around on the piers - which we do sometimes, so I didn't think anything of it. So we parked and he called Ian and asked if he was there and they talked about something and Andrew was like "ok they are a few minutes away lets walk around."

So we walk down to the pier and I start talking about Nathaniel (the little guy I've babysat for a few years and my little buddy - see picture on right) and all the things of mine and his father's that he has thrown into the water (funny because Andrew was terrified the ring would fall in the water and I just kept laughing and laughing about how funny it was when he threw his dad's watch) anyway, so we are walking around and then we go sit at the end of the pier. ALSO he brought his jacket with him (and it was beautiful out) so I kind of thought something about that but didn't say anything. I also told him I always get cold in there and I should have brought a jacket, but he said I could use his. So that was a good cover.

We sit at the end of the pier talking for about five minutes about the houses, Nathaniel, the first time we started hanging out and I made some weird comments about my typical conversations (bugs, creatures, goofy jokes, stray hairs on chins...you know, normal everyday conversation.) Then he called Ian and I guess Ian told him he had arrived so Andrew said "ok Ian and Erynne are here, want to head up so we meet them?" So I started to stand up and he said I love you, and I said I love you too, which was totally normal and then I stood up and turned around to grab his hand and walk away and he was on one knee and was like. "no, I REALLY love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?"  I didn't say anything I just put my hands up and was like OH WOWWWWW. 
So he opened the box and it was just like a movie and then he put it on my finger and I kept saying how beautiful it was! And laughing because I was talking about such random things and babling on about NOTHING? And then he told me Ian was hiding taking pictures and that made me soo happy!! Because I love LOVE pictures. Above is a picture Ian took and I had framed.

The reactions from our friends afterwards were the best:

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  1. Oh my gosh! I made it!!! I'm a big deal! ;) I cant believe this was only a few months ago, time flies! Wedding day countdown is ON! ;)