Saturday, February 27, 2016

You know what keeps me from posting on my blog? Someone else's vision of success.

You know what keeps me from posting on my blog?
  1. I think that everything I say has to fit into a "strategic vision" for my brand and if my thoughts don't fit somehow related to paper flowers, weddings or parties, then it doesn't have a space here to be shared. 
  2. I'm afraid that people will disagree with my beliefs and be dramatic about it. 
  3. I'm nervous that something I post will always alienate someone: if it's about starting a business it would be difficult for a follower to read who is having a hard time with their business or finances; it if's about parenthood, a follower who is struggling with infertility would feel alone; if it's about weddings, a follower who is single would feel left out...and the list goes on about everything.
  4. The combination of the above makes blogging seem more like an over-analyzed fake business task rather than an actual outlet where I share what I'm interested in, tips/tricks and *gasp* my feelings and beliefs. 
Anyone else have these thoughts?

Here's what I'm preaching to myself to combat these thoughts - I'm hoping my public reminder will provide some accountability and may also help some of you out there too.
  1. I didn't start this blog to be a marketing space for my paper flower business. I didn't start this blog to amass followers. I started this blog to share whatever I wanted, to have fun doing so, and to talk about Jesus to those who weren't necessarily searching the internet for him. Telling myself my blog has to follow all of these rules out there that others have created to ensure "successful blogs" isn't working for me. It's a standard I can't keep and I don't want to. I don't want the "success" they describe. (Sidenote: I make this sound so easy - but I constantly have to remind myself "you don't want THEIR success, or rather anyone else's but your own definition of success.")
  2. Jesus never said followng him would be easy. Why do I expect that everything I say that involves Jesus online will be met with virtual hugs and heart eye emojis? What do I have to lose? More importantly what do I have to gain?
  3. I struggle with this in all aspects of my life. I need to pray before each thing I post, ask for wisdom, and then walk confidently in my decisions realizing I'm not perfect and never will be.

Maybe you're not a blogger, but what is it that you're holding back doing because you're afraid it doesn't meet someone else's version of success? Hosting a bible study that doesn't offer gourmet snacks and hand lettered invitations? Sending a thank you note because you don't have a matching card and envelope that actually says "thank you" plus it's three months late?  Starting an Etsy store becuase you think your products aren't as great as those on the front page? Delivering a warm meal to your new neighbor or a new first time mom because you don't own a single cookbook? Hosting a birthday party at home because every pinterest idea you've tried has failed and your house is a mess?

Friends, remember that our success isn't defined by pinterest, by a blog course, by the number of sales in an online store, by the number of likes on a facebook status, by the number of friends we have, or by the number in our bank account. Success is building God's kingdom and doing so in WHATEVER unglamorous (according to the world's pinterest standards) way He calls you to do it.

So post your honest blog post, send your uncoordinated and likely late thank you note, upload a picture to instagram that wasn't professionally edited, host a cozy and real bible study, deliver a novicely created but likely yummy warm meal, and throw an imperfectly perfect birthday party.


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