Thursday, February 11, 2016

An Ideal Customer? Find confidence in YOU.

I've heard this thrown around a lot but never thought it applied to me. I thought it applied to photographers or wedding planners booking their ideal client that matched their brand and dream image.

I haven't been worrying about an ideal customer at all. I also haven't been worrying about my own style at all.  Instead I spent the last year producing products to fit the market. Burlap and lace. Got it. Yellow and Gray. Got it. Blush on blush on blush? Got it.

So when I was asked about my style and specifically to show pictures of some of my favorite orders and color combinations I was stumped. I thought for sure they existed until I started scrolling back in my camera uploads, further...and further...and further.  My products didn't look like me. They looked like me thinking too hard and too carefully about what I think everyone else wants. Did I confuse you? Case and point.

That, friends, is a big mistake. You know why I didn't make designs that were 100% me? Because it's scary!

Because I like unique color combinations.

Because I like bold and bright.

But if I'm being truly honest. It's mostly because I am afraid my sales will totally plummit if I make what I love.

I think as artists we need to find a balance. If we need to make money, we need to make money and we can always target whatever market we want. But we can't lose our creative identity in the process. Because then, our businesses are just businesses, not creative businesses.

I'm making a promise to myself to make what I love, to be inspired by the colors I love, and to share that with you. I'm excited to see what is in store!

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