Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Word of the Year: Intention

While I originally intended to publish this post on the first of the year...stuff happens, aka other posts I wrote and instead of following my rule of adding them to my schedule I just published immediately. It's a work in progres.....

My "word of the year" in 2015 was surrender. December 29th, 2014 was full of excitement and fear. I had just seen my daughter's chubby cheeks on a 3D ultrasound and while one of the best days ever, it also made my fear of delivering her that much more real. (Do. not. worry. I will not be sharing any labor details or words that will make any one squeam. That's just not my thing.)

What could I honestly do to ease the fear and worry of everything that came along with childbirth and sheesh, raising a child? Surrender. 

Doing nothing meant doing everything.

Surrendering my fear and worries to Jesus. As I meditated on this word and His Word throughout 2015 I came to understand that surrendering was the best way to show His glory in my circumstances. Not writing more blog posts, not attending more birthing classes, just surrendering.

Surrending was me reminding myself that I know His Word is true. Surrendering didn't mean I trusted that He would hand me a pain-free and complication free situation. And it was this truth that made surrendering difficult. It was me surrending to his sovereignty. Recognizing that no matter what the circumstances I could walk boldy into them knowing that He is sovereign over our family's life.

This would have never been my first instinct. In fact my exaggerated fear of labor was totally used by the Lord to draw me closer to Him. Because honestly, what else could I do? I practiced breathing exercises...a few times..., I tried to do some pre-natal yoga....a few times...I read a lot of horror stories on the Bump and other places...a lot of times..., there just honestly wasn't anything no matter how far into the depths of google I got that would ease my worries or guarantee me a pain free or complication free process. The only thing I could trust in is that the God of all created my body perfectly to handle this situation.

Funny that I preface that sentence with "the only thing" instead of "the best thing."

But anyway, surrendering to His sovereignty, His perfect plan, His living and active Word, His truth...nothing but amazing things came from that. And that is the most detail you'll get into my delivery experience.

But I want a life of surrender, not just surrendering to my absolute fears. And I'm working on it day by day.

Now I'm moving towards a year of intention. Intentional choices in all aspects of life. Because when you are truly living a life of surrender to the Lord you recognize the importance, or maybe a better word is potential, of each moment.

We have a lot of changes coming up this year for our family and all the more reason to make the most of our time and create strong foundations as we move into this next chapter!

I'm particularly seeking to be more intentional in: media activity
...relationships with friends
...moments with Lydia
...moments with my husband decisions
...scheduling time to be creative
...budgeting and meal planning

Last year I really did stick with my word and I'm hoping I do this year as well!

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