Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mompreneur Life: Launching a Holiday Line at InsieMama

After my daughter entered the world I never knew my heart could love so much - but I also did not expect continuing to manage my small business to be as difficult as it was (is). I have a particularly bad sleeper (No thanks, don't need any sleeping advice. Still love ya'll but don't need it!) which has made the naptimes and early evening time that I thought I'd have to myself everyday practically non existent. Or, let's be real when I do get a moment... Naptime = personal time? Nope. Naptime = cleaning the house like a madwoman, preparing food, picking up cheerios that have been practically fully digested then spit up and smushed into the carpet (sorry landlords if you're reading this..............)

Image from InsieMama.
Anyway, I was connected by Heather of Heather Booysen Photography  to Danielle of InsieMama. As soon as Heather mentioned that her friend was starting up a business to specifically help mompreneurs (loving this word) think strategically about their business I emailed her. I don't normally talk about my business with anyone else or seek advice, so the fact that I emailed her right away actually caught myself off guard. Well, fast forward and this partnership has been amazing! It was just the right amount of support and encouragement I needed that I could be both a mom and small business owner.  

Danielle also runs an online boutique showcasing her clients which I highly suggest taking a look at, and particularly now because I've just launched a holiday line on InsieMama and wanted to give you all the full details! 

The items available are pictured below and will only be available through her InsieMama boutique, not through my Etsy shop! They are also limited and will only be around for this Christmas season. 



What do you think?!

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