Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday School: Heaven & Angels

One of my first goals for this blog was to be able to document our Sunday School crafts for the toddler's. I search for a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and other sites and hope that these posts will be helpful to someone else out there!

The first craft I'm posting is one of our most recent ones before we left and I honestly think it was my favorite of the whole year and a half.  We talked about Heaven and all of the marvelous things they'll find there one day. We talked about a tree with all types of fruit on it, (they weren't too impressed) and we talked about Angels. The little ones also informed me that in heaven we will all be able to climb trees like monkeys and there will likely be an unlimited supply of goldfish. (Wish I would have planned my craft around that!)

The first step to this craft was to trace one of their little hands in the middle of a large sheet of paper. We then gave them markers, stampers, etc to decorate the entire big sheet of paper.

Next time, I'll use poster board instead of light weight paper for this. After they have their artwork, I folded the paper in half and cut out two of their hands.  (You could have traced both, but they stand still for exactly .03 seconds and it was easier for me to cut them like this.)

I also had large Popsicle sticks ready with a smiley face and the word "Angel" or "Heaven" written on them since some of them are beginning to learn their letters/words.

I then took the two hands that I cut out and glued them on the back of the stick.  I put the thumbs facing down and overlapping. See below: 
Then, when you turn the Angel over you have beautiful wings:

I loved how these came out!

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