Friday, August 9, 2013

Our New Place! Williamsburg: Home of the Frogs

Well, we are here! Finally moved in and most of our stuff is unpacked. Everything went really smoothly with the help of our families.

We drove up on Friday night to drop off a lot of fragile items and take a look at the place before everyone joined us on Monday. We decided we needed to paint the downstairs bedroom which was previously a pretty bright shade of green. After unloading the cars we took a trip to Lowe's where we met a really nice paint guy, people here are reallllly nice. Anyway, we got some paint and all of the supplies we needed and headed back. We unloaded them into the front bedroom and then turned the light switch. Well, you guessed it, no light. And no - of course we didn't bring lamps with us our first trip down. So instead of saving the task for another day (it's 9pm by the way) we scramble through all of our boxes and find a very small desk lamp I had in my old office.  The lamp literally served NO purpose in my old office beyond looking cute but we plugged it in anyway. It lit up about a 1' radius. So we took of the lamp shade, sat there for awhile and waited for our eyes to adjust to the darkness and decided midnight painting in the dark was certainly in our plans.


Finally around 1:30am we finished up and drove 3 hours back to the DC area.

So, for the biggest surprise of the evening/early morning...our patio is home to a whole large extended family of frogs and salamanders. And they aren't the ugly croaking frogs, they are teeny tiny little bright green guys! And they are everywhere. When you open the door they fall from the sky, like one of the plagues, and they smack their bellies on the ground - that's a little stressful for me. Here's one of the little guys that lives on our door frame.

This past Monday we drove down again to check out our midnight paint mess and to move in the rest of our stuff.

I wasn't able to spend as much time as I wanted getting all of our things together because of some orders that came in over the moving days!

More picture updates to come soon!

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