Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wedding Updates!

So, the wedding is over! I can't wait for the professional photos but I wanted to post some updates of how all of the DIY projects came out!

Before I show you some of the specific projects, here is one picture of how the venue came out. It started to storm that day around 2:00pm so we ended up having the ceremony inside. At first I was a little bit disappointed, but by the time I arrived I realized it was an absolutely perfect situation. We were all so glad it was inside because of how magical it looked in there, it was a comfortable temperature, and it was the perfect amount of space.

The flower wall was the highlight of the entire venue. I loved how it looked up against the barn walls, and it fit perfectly behind our head table as a backdrop. To take it to the venue we (OK, mostly my parents...) put all of the flowers in produce boxes we picked up from Costco.  They were all packed into the UHaul truck and then replaced on the metal boards once everything arrived.


The fork namecards and garden trellis came out like this:


The edge of the barn was covered in pictures of Andrew and I as kids. One side of the barn started with us as infants and ended up with our engagement picture. You can see them in the background in this first picture and then more close up in the next two.

Next is a picture of the table settings, we had spray painted picture frames and painted the glass inside with chalkboard paint.  Of course there were also paper flowers glued on.  Also at the table were three vases all collected from thrift stores, one small, medium and tall. Inside each were a different white flower: hydrangea, roses and calla lilies. You can see them in the top picture, and there will be more pictures soon!

The next post will have more details about the photo booth, dessert table, cake pops and bridesmaid dresses/gifts!

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