Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Ready!

The night after the rehearsal dinner most of the bridal party stayed the night at the house we rented. This worked out well because the next morning the hairstylist and makeup artist were coming to the house EARRRLLLYYY in the morning to start on everyone.  Knowing that the morning was going to come quick and we needed all of the sleep we could get we decided to go to bed at 1:30am. That is, after we found a baby tarantula!
Don't worry, Carrie went to tarantula wrangling school back where she is from in Connecticut and knew how to hypnotize this little beast. She grabbed him by his back leg and threw him out the back door, kind of.

Moving right along...everyone brought their robes and dresses and shoes and there was a curtain rod in my room that we were able to hang them all up on. This was the first time we all got to see all of the dresses lined up next to each other and we arranged them in order of how the girls were walking down the aisle. The colors were perfect! They also all brought their hangers we ordered from Whiskey & Wedding Bells.

The next morning the hair stylist and makeup artist arrived at 7:45 am to start at 8. The makeup artist was from Clinique at the Nordstrom's in Columbia mall and she was really great. I'd be happy to pass her contact information on if anyone would like it.


While we were all getting our hair/makeup done and eating the humungous spread of breakfast muffins, danishes and croissants my bridesmaids gave me a scrapbook they had each made a page in. I love to scrapbook and looking at all the time and details they put into each page was so nice! Each page was 100% a reflection of each person and they were all totally different.

Some of my favorite pieces of advice came from Chelsea, one of the two married bridesmaids: 

Of course I could have included many more details in this post about the conversations with the hair stylist about placentas,  how much Alex loved her hairdo and Carrie bursting into tears due to sheer joy :* but that will all remain locked away. :)

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