Saturday, September 12, 2015

Babywearing Photos! What? Yes, like a mama kangaroo.

My wonderful photographer turned friend, Heather of Heather Booysen Photography recently took a few babywearing photos of little L and me :) I had never seen or heard of taking photos specifically of wearing your little one, but I wear L so much I really, really, love having these pictures!

Might I add Heather also took our maternity photos, "fresh 48" hospital photos, newborn photos and now these. So, I'm a fan -couldn't recommend her more!

One of the reasons I love these photos so much is because of a photo I found of my mom wearing me. I thought it was so sweet but also hysterical to see how things changed.

First of all, I straight up look like a bag of potatoes. And I'm pretty sure that's a drawstring around my head. I love it! I was only 3 weeks old in this picture <3.

And then here I am carrying L when she was 2 weeks old. I'm pretty sure I was wearing her completely wrong in this photo. I just sat her in there all squished and I think her feet were coming out the bottom where my hands are :O!!

So, these pictures really are precious, right?? Now you can likely understand why I was so excited when Heather told me about something new she was trying with the babywearing photos.

So, before I share the professional pics, a few things about wearing L:

1. I use an Ergo. I tried a Baby K'tan and some sling thing and I just looked like a T-Rex. I couldn't get any freedom with my arms (I know I was doing it wrong, but I just gave up). I seriously looked like this:

2. When L was 2 weeks old - 2 months old the only way she would sleep for more than 20 minutes is if I had her in the carrier. We'd take three walks around the neighborhood - each 2 hours long. Yes, you read that correctly. So I was walking 6 hours a day. And you know what that meant? That my mom got three phone calls a day. However exhausting it was, I was so thankful for a March baby which meant walking outside during the nice spring weather! And thankful that my mom didn't block my number. I'm pretty sure a lot of our conversations went like this:

Me: "So today....wait, I forgot what I was going to say."
Mom: "That's ok, what are you doing?"
Me: "Um...walking, yeah! That is what I was going to say! I'm on a walk."
Mom: "Ok great hunny"
Me: "So what are you doing?"
Mom: "I'm running some errands"
Me: "Cool, I'm walking."
Mom: "That's great hunny"
Me: "What did you say you were doing again? Oh right, errands. I'm on a walk - did I tell you that?"

And that ladies and gentlemen is probably the most detailed, scientific look you're going to get into the mom of a newborn's brain. It has improved slightly, but not much. 

3. L still LOVES to be carried. There are times during the day when she is just fussy and looking at me like "you know what I want." And I reach for the Ergo to strap it on and her excitement is visible. She used to get in the Ergo and fall right asleep, but now she'll stay awake and content for almost an hour and then drift off to sleep for a bit.




4. I carry her everywhere. The Farmer's Market in Colonial Williamsburg, through the entire church service, on every Target run, to story time at the library. I love it, she loves it. Now that she is 6 months, she is probably in it on average once a day for about an hour and a half.

5. I'm thinking about buying the Ergo 360 where she can be carried looking out at the world instead of facing me, but not sure I'm ready for that hefty investment. Anyone have one and think it's totally worth it?

And are the professional pics!




Heather Booysen Photography

Love. Love. LOVE!!

And just because they are adorable:

From: http://www.zooborns.type

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  1. these are beautiful! of both of you! great job heather!