Thursday, July 4, 2013

Recent Paper Flower Creations

Since opening my Etsy store in January, I've been asked to make a few custom projects. I've really loved how they all came out and I wanted to share them here.

The first was a custom cross and I received  a picture of fabric as the inspiration:


The next has been my absolute favorite and I was asked by mom to make them for her office, I did and gave them to her for Mother's Day. 

And there were a few more custom crosses: 


Besides the crosses, which are my favorite things to make, I've recently made several custom orders for miniature chalkboards. My recent favorite is below. This customer requested a set of chalkboards in this particular shape for her to use in pictures with her little girl. She wanted to write the day or age of her daughter and have it either in the background of pictures or have her little girl hold the sign so she would remember how old she was specifically or when the pictures were taken. I really liked that idea and we worked together to pick out cute girly papers. This is how they came out: 

I'll have more to share soon! 

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