Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free Printables: Psalm 13:5-6

Below is another printable I've been working on for anyone to download. For those of you that are also trying to make these at home, I've found some great free fonts online - the cursive one below is "clementine sketch" and the other outlined font is "{skinny} jeans." Skinny jeans is $5 for commercial use through dafont.com, I really love them both. Also, I'd suggest Microsoft Publisher to make these if you don't have any design software - you can change the color scheme easily by clicking on the "page design" tab. Once you change each word color individually the first time - the next time it just requires you click the new color scheme and all of the words will automatically change to the new corresponding colors and it is easy to save multiple versions! 


  1. love this!!! you are a generous blogger :)

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