Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY: Halloween Costume...3 months later.

So, after a long haitus of managing our first married holiday season, a new job and the husband's law school application process I am back. I'm upset I didn't keep up to date with the most recent DIYs especially since they were mostly all holiday themed. Never to late to share. Especially this first one...

For Halloween our friend was having a housewarming party/Halloween party and I can't begin to explain how much this particular friend loves Halloween. We, on the other hand, never dress up or really do anything other than hand out candy at my parent's house whose neighborhood seems to be the Mecca of candy collection. (Seriously I'm talking like...300+ kids.) But, we knew it would mean a lot to her if we dressed up so we thought about our costume a lot in the weeks preceeding the party. Ok in the days preceeding the party...OK so in the DAY preceeding the party.

So, Friday night we head out to Target to gather our DIY costume supplies. Of course we do not grab a cart because we are only grabbing one or two things, and everyone knows when you walk into Target you always come out with just one or two things...or $70 worth of things you need. Anyway, empty handed we stop in at the ladies section and see some black tights on sale. Not the kind professionals wear (or apparently don't wear anymore?? seperate topic) to work, the kind tweens wear as jeans. So we see some of those on sale. I pick up a pair of XL - that will fit the husband for sure. He stares at me. We keep walking. We find some long sleeve black t-shirts on sale, one for me in the female section, and he got lucky - a waffle shirt in the MENS section. Things are getting a bit better.

Armed with our black skin tight suits we begin looking for our outer layer. We walk into the mens section and unknown to me, they only sell white tank tops, t-shirts, underwear, in PACKS. I haven't seen underwear or t-shirts in packs since mine had the Little Mermaid on them. Anyway, I  make some weird comments about the packages of intimates everywhere. Thing is, we only need two white tank tops and two whitie tighties.

Pause - yes I do realize I haven't told you what our costume is at this point.

Back to the story. Only needed two of each, and Target selling packs of not 4 or 5 but jumbo fruit of the loom value size 12 packs, oh and get this one extra for good measure. So a bakers dozen of whitie tighties is exactly what we don't need. To further complicate things, I obviously need a smaller size than he does and compromising in the middle just wasn't going to work. So, I grab a 13 pack of SMALL whitite tighties. I really thought they'd losen up to be honest...but you'll hear about that later.
Might I add that this 13 pack was really not the $2 or 3 dollars I was hoping to spend and I really just couldn't bring myself to walk into a thrift store looking for whitie tighties. Ok this is getting out of hand.

SO, our black spandex body suits and 13 whitie tighties in hand we grab a pack of white tank tops in his size - I'll find a random white tank top at home. So, our arms aren't that full...expect that bag of whitie tighties we keep trying to wrap up in the black spandex so no one sees us carrying. We then head over to the cosmetics section to grab 10 jumbo bags of cotton balls. Now here people, is where we needed a cart. But did we get one? No. Just like how in college we always, ALWAYS, carried in every single bag of groceries in one trip no matter how heavy or how few available hands we had. So, 10 slippery plastic bags of cotton balls that keep falling as we walk back to the register, our whitie tighties, black spandex and $80 later we are ready to begin our night...and it's already 9pm.

I lay out our materials at home:

We then grab my glue gun, Scarlett (since our last post and extended bonding over the holiday season I've since named her.) Scarlett and I go to TOWN gluing cotton balls on every single inch of the whitie tighties and tank tops. We had a system going by the end of the night, I glue a long line and he slams down as many cotton balls as will fit. At the end, I picked up our finished pieces to show off, realizing they now weight about 10 pounds more than before and have essentially turned into a suit of armour. Hot glue hardens, yes I was aware, but I wasn't REALLLLY aware. We set the suits down and figured we'd conquer the task of getting dressed...well...the moments before we got dressed.

The next day arrived and it was time to "slide" into our cotton armour. This was not easy. At one point Andrew had his hands above his head and the white tank top completely stuck over his face for a few minutes until I literally used every ounce of strength to grab it down. Same situation for me, except I didn't handle it very felt a little claustophobic. So after that ordeal we finally realize how absolutely ridiculous of an idea this was. Too late to turn back now. We walk out of our apartment complex, at least I have a long black coat. Andrew has a short black coat but managed to fit some gym shorts over his very expanded cotton bottom. As we walk cotton balls trail behind us at least every 3 feet and wherever we stop and stand for a minute is a little pile.

It was the hottest car ride of my life, and poor Andrew was in size small whitie tighties covered in cotton balls with at least 4 layers on driving an hour to Gaithersburg. Worth it. We saved them if anyone would like to borrow. ;)

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